Enrolling non-DEP iOS 11+ devices with an enrollment URL

Administrators can use the Apple Configurator to enroll any non-DEP iOS 11+ device in the Maas360 Portal.

The Maas360 Portal provides an enrollment URL that supports non-DEP iOS device enrollment from the Apple Configurator. Enrolled devices are not converted to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) device.

Supported enrollment methods

The Apple Configurator workflow supports the With Authentication enrollment method and the Without Authentication enrollment method:

  • With Authentication: This enrollment process requires an authentication step when you enroll the device. MaaS360 accepts the MaaS360 local user/LDAP/AD user credentials. Portal admin credentials are not supported. A device is not enrolled if authentication fails. Note: Since this enrollment method requires user authentication, the enrolled iOS device is assigned to the user.
  • Without Authentication: This enrollment process does not require user authentication. This workflow is similar to the With Authentication enrollment method except that the enrollment URL used in this method is different and user authentication is not required.
    Viewing an example of Apple Configurator screen