Uploading the Windows Phone Company Hub certificate

The Windows Phone Company Hub certificate allows for the distribution of apps, real-time actions, and location services on Windows Phone 8+ devices.

Important: You must install the Windows Phone Company Hub certificate before you enroll your Windows Phone 8+ devices in the MaaS360® Portal.

Using Windows Phone 8+

Windows Phone 8+ enables companies to publish and distribute Windows Phone 8+ apps directly to their employees or other users, bypassing the Windows Phone Store. Users enroll their phones for app distribution from their company, and then install apps that are published by their company. Only users that are enrolled for app distribution from the company can install apps from the company.

The MaaS360 Company Hub enables the following functions for your Windows Phone 8+ devices:
  • Location services
  • Push notifications
  • App distribution (public and private)

Using a company hub

With Windows Phone 8+, Microsoft offers businesses the opportunity to develop enterprise portals, or company hubs, to publish apps for their employees. A company hub provides business apps, necessary for a corporation, without validation or publication on the Microsoft Windows Phone Store. A company hub is also a communication tool; the company hub relays information to employees (for example, organizational changes or healthcare provider information), and uses push notifications, live tiles, and the lock screen to increase the visibility of these communications to employees.

Generating and uploading the Mobile Code Signing Certificate

  1. Register for a Windows Phone Developer account and obtain a Publisher ID.

    You establish a company account on the Windows Dev Center. When you establish an account in this portal, your company is also validated by Symantec.

    When the registration is complete, the Publisher ID is displayed on the Windows Dev Center account summary page. The Publisher ID allows Symantec to verify your Development Account status and issue the Mobile Code Signing Certificate.

  2. Obtain your Mobile Code Signing Certificate from Symantec.
    1. Follow the Enterprise Mobile Code Signing Certificate workflow and obtain your certificate from Symantec. When Symantec generates the certificate, Symantec sends an email with instructions on how to import the certificate into your local certificate store (certmgr.msc) on your computer.
    2. To properly export the certificate in step 3, you must follow all the steps in the email message from Symantec. Import three certificates into the local certificate store for your computer (one certificate for your organization and two Symantec/Microsoft certificates to properly validate the certificate chain).
  3. Export the Mobile Code Signing Certificate as a PFX file.
    1. Open the Certificates snap-in on your computer by selecting Start > Run > certmgr.msc.
    2. From the Personal store, select your certificate.
    3. From Actions > All Tasks, select Export. The Certificate Export Wizard is displayed.
    4. Make sure that the following options are selected for the certificate export:
      • Yes, export the private key
      • Include all certificates in the certification path if possible
      • Export all extended properties
    5. You are prompted for a password to encrypt the private key for the certificate. You need this password to upload the certificate to MaaS360.
    6. Choose a destination for the finished certificate file.
  4. Upload your Company Hub Certificate (PFX file) to MaaS360.
    1. Select Setup > Services > Symantec Code Signing Certificate to access the workflow.
    2. Use the password that you used to encrypt the certificate.
    3. When the certificate is uploaded, start enrolling Windows Phone 8+ devices.
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