IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights product overview

By using IBM® Maximo® Asset Health Insights, businesses can improve visibility of the health of assets and locations and minimize downtime by preventing asset failures by monitoring factors, such as conditions, costs, performance, and remaining useful life.

The efficient monitoring of asset health enables companies to take the next best possible action to improve asset health including reducing preventive maintenance schedules and planning for repair or replacement. Maximo Asset Health Insights allows you to optimize preventive maintenance by combining asset record information and sensor data so that businesses are better able to plan capital improvement.

By registering devices in Watson™ IoT Platform, you can receive data from sensors on assets. In the Reliability Engineering Work Center, you can monitor asset conditions and trigger automated actions that are based on changes in data. By defining scoring methods, businesses can gain insight into the health of an asset or location, and they can take action based on the results, such as optimizing preventive maintenance schedules or replacement planning.

If you also have a license for IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas or IBM Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager, you can investigate and reduce risks to assets by using the Risk Reduction tab.

You can configure the Reliability Engineering Work Center to show the Google Maps™, Microsoft Bing® Maps, or Esri™ ArcGIS™ maps. Maps show assets in locations where registered sensors retrieve the most up-to-date data.

To improve forecasting and reduce risks to assets, you can use IBM IOT Weather Data on Cloud, Maximo Asset Health Insights to access forecast, current, and historical weather data.