Installing specific tools by using the rpm command

You can install specific service and productivity tools from the IBM® Tools Repository by using the rpm command. Tool availability can vary by server type and Linux® distribution.

About this task

Note: On servers connected to the internet but without graphics support, you might find that using a line-mode web browser like w3m or lynx simplifies downloading files directly to your server.
Complete the following steps:


  1. Review this package prerequisite diagram to understand which packages to obtain:
  2. Obtain the RPM package files for specific tools and their prerequisites as described at one of the following sites corresponding to your server type and Linux distribution. Tool packages must be installed in the order listed in the site table.
    Note: For Ubuntu packages, see the Ubuntu Package Search page. Ubuntu packages are provided by the distribution in .deb format. RSCT packages are not currently available for the Ubuntu distribution.
  3. If the package files are in compressed, gzip format (<filename>.gz), uncompress them by entering the following command for each file:
    gunzip <filename>.gz 

    Otherwise, continue to the next step.

  4. Install RPM files by entering the following command for each file:
    rpm -Uvh <filename>.rpm


For information about service and productivity tools package support, see Getting support.