Installing Linux on PowerVM LPAR by using the HMC

You can install Linux® on PowerVM® logical partition (LPAR) by using the Hardware Management Console (HMC).

You must complete the following prerequisites on the Hardware Management Console (HMC) and system configuration.

  • Verify that the latest HMC is configured. For more information, see Preparing for HMC configuration.
  • Verify that the Power System is added to the HMC. For more information, see Reset or Remove Connections.
  • Verify that the VIOS and LPAR are configured on the managed system or a full system LPAR is configured as needed.
  • See Additional installation methods for the different methods that are available for configuring Linux Installation media (for example, vDVD, DVD, or net boot).
To install the Linux operating system (OS), complete the following steps:
  1. Log in to HMC console by running the following command: ssh hscpe@<HMC_IP>
  2. Use the vtmenu command to display systems that are managed by the HMC and then select the appropriate system.
  3. Select the LPAR on the managed system that you want to install Linux on.
    Note: If you know the system and LPAR name, then you can run the following command: mkvterm -m < system name > -p < lpar name>
  4. Activate the LPAR through the HMC GUI or by running the following command: hscpe@<HMC_IP>:~> chsysstate -o on -r lpar -n [partition name] -m [system name]
  5. After the system starts, select 1 to enter the SMS menu.
  6. Select Select Boot Options > Select Install/Boot Device > List all Devices .
  7. Select the appropriate installation method from the available boot media options.
    Note: Before you select net boot, make sure to assign the Client IP, Server IP, Netmask, and subnet for the network interface in the SMS menu. You can access the IP parameters by going to following the location:

    Setup Remote IPL (Initial Program Load) > Interpartition Logical LAN > IPv4 - Address Format > BOOTP > IP Parameters.
  8. Select Normal Boot Mode.
  9. Select Yes to exit the SMS and proceed with the installation.