CVV Generate (CSNBCSG)

Use the CVV Generate verb to generate a VISA Card Verification Value (CVV) or MasterCard Card Verification Code (CVC) as defined for track 2.

This verb generates a CVV that is based on the information that the PAN_data, the expiration_date, and the service_code parameters provide. This verb uses the Key-A and the Key-B keys to cryptographically process this information. Key-A and Key-B can be single-length DATA or MAC keys, or a combined Key-A, Key-B double length DATA or MAC key. If the requested CVV is shorter than 5 characters, the CVV is padded on the right by space characters. The CVV is returned in the 5-byte variable that the CVV_value parameter identifies. When you verify a CVV, compare the result to the value that the CVV_value supplies.

See CVV Key Combine (CSNBCKC) for information on combining two single-length MAC-capable keys into one double-length key.

Note: This verb supports PCI-HSM 2016 compliant-tagged key tokens.