Internal shared memory device driver

6.6 LPAR mode z/VM guest

The internal shared memory (ISM) device driver provides virtual PCI devices for shared memory communications direct (SMC-D).

ISM devices are defined in the IOCDS. Each ISM definition includes a physical network ID (PNET ID) to associate the ISM device with Ethernet devices.

The following figure illustrates how an ISM device and a HiperSockets device are associated by a matching PNET ID. A communication peer on the same CPC has a similarly associated pair of an ISM device and HiperSockets device. With this setup, the TCP connection can switch over to an SMC-D connection over the SMC protocol.
Figure 1. A matching PNET ID associates ISM devices and Ethernet devices
This graphic is described in the preceding text.

Use the smcd command to explore SMC-D link groups and devices, see smcd - Display information about SMC-D link groups and devices.