Setting up Linux instance LNX1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4 z/VM guest

Setting up the Linux® instance entails setting up the NETIUCV device driver and creating an IUCV interface.


Proceed like this to set up the IUCV connection on the Linux instance:

  1. Set up the NETIUCV device driver as described in Setting up the NETIUCV device driver.
  2. Create an IUCV interface for connecting to the service machine:
    # echo VMTCPIP /sys/bus/iucv/drivers/netiucv/connection
    This creates an interface, for example, iucv0, with a corresponding IUCV device and a device entry in sysfs /sys/bus/iucv/devices/netiucv0.
  3. The peer, LNX2 is set up accordingly.
    When both interfaces are ready to be connected to, activate the connection.
    # ip addr add dev iucv0 peer
    # ip link set dev iucv1 up mtu 32764