Performing initial configuration on Windows (disconnected scenario)

During the initial configuration, you create the License Metric Tool database, application administrator, and the disconnected (stand-alone) data source.

Before you begin

Permissions and roles
For information about permissions and roles required for the MS SQL Server database, see: Permissions and roles.
Other considerations
To use Windows authentication to connect to the databases, the owner of the License Metric Tool service must also be able to access this database.


  1. Create the License Metric Tool database.
    1. Enter the host name of the database server. The format of the host name depends on whether you are connecting to a default instance of the MS SQL Server and use the default port.
        Default instance of MS SQL Server Non-default instance of MS SQL Server
      Default port hostname hostname\instance_name
      Non-default port hostname:port hostname\instance_name:port
    2. Enter the name of the application database.
    3. Select the authentication mode.
      • Select Windows Authentication, to authenticate with a Windows user that you specified as the service owner during the installation of License Metric Tool.
        Restriction: If the MS SQL Server is installed on the same computer as License Metric Tool, enter the database host name without its domain name (FQDN) or use localhost instead. The host name can be specified as C1921680100 or localhost, but not as or
      • Select SQL Server Authentication to authenticate with an MS SQL Server user. This authentication mode must be enabled in MS SQL Server. For more information, see: Enabling the MS SQL Server Authentication mode.
    4. To create the database instance, click Create.
  2. Create the administrator of License Metric Tool.
    Tip: Avoid using admin, administrator, root or a similar name for the administrative account. Such an account might be prone to hacker attacks and locked out if an attacker exceeds the specified number of failed login attempts. For more information about the account lockout, see: Configuring user account lockout.
  3. Create the disconnected data source.
    1. Select Disconnected as the type of the data source, and click Next.
    2. Specify the name of the disconnected data source and the location of the directory on the License Metric Tool server where you upload results of disconnected scans.
    3. To create the data source, click Create.

What to do next

Wait for the initial setup to complete. Then, set up data collection.

To increase security of the transferred data, it is recommended to enable encrypted connection to the License Metric Tool database. For more information, see: Enabling encrypted connection to the database.