Setting and removing the declared metric quantity

Available from 9.2.16.

On the All Metrics report, you can manually declare the metric quantity for selected license types for which License Metric Tool does not calculate the utilization. You can also use this option to customize the metric quantity if needed. The declared value takes precedence over the value that is measured by the application.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the Manage Metric Quantity Declarations (previously: Manage License) and the Manage Software Classification permissions to set the license metric quantity.

About this task

You can check which of your license metric quantities can be customized. Look at the pencil icon Pencil icon in the Metric Quantity column. If the icon is active, you can declare the custom metric quantity for the product.

By default, you set the declared value from the reporting start date onwards. However when you explicitly provide also the end date for the report, then the declared metric quantity is set only until this date. Using this mechanism, you can declare metric quantities for any period of time by defining the appropriate time range for the report.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Reports > All Metrics.
  2. Optional: To change the period for which you want to set the declared metric quantity, hover over Configure, click Configure View, and select the time range. If you specify a period from a date to a date, the license metric quantity is set only for this particular period of time.
  3. To set the metric quantity, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) in the Metric Quantity column.
    Note: In case of FlexPoint bundles, you can set the license metric quantities for particular products that contribute to the bundle but not for the bundle itself. Click on the name of the bundle to see the detailed report that lists the products within bundle.
  4. Specify the metric quantity and click Set. The value is set only for the computer group to which you are assigned and is not inherited by its subgroups.
    Providing the metric quantity
    Note: If you want to set a metric quantity for a subgroup of your computer group, go to Reports > Computer Groups and open the subgroup. In the upper left corner, select All IBM Metrics and set the license metric quantity for a particular product.


The metric quantity for the product is set. The declared metric quantity is independent of your software inventory or bundling and you should make sure that it is kept up-to-date. If you reassign software to another product or FlexPoint bundle, the declared metric quantity remains unchanged. If, as a result of reassignment, a product is left with no components, it is still visible on the All Metrics report with the declared metric quantity.

Removing the declared metric quantity

You can remove the declared value to restore the value that is measured by the application.


  1. Open the All Metrics report.
  2. To remove the declared metric quantity, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) in the Metric Quantity column.
  3. Clear the text field to remove the declared metric quantity for the specified period of time.
  4. Click Set.