Setting license metric threshold

Available from 9.2.4.

You can set a threshold to indicate the maximum number of metric units that a product can use within a computer group. The threshold is then used to calculate whether metric utilization is above or below your expectations.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the View License Metrics permission to view the threshold and the Manage Thresholds and Metric Custom Fields (previously: Manage Contracts) permission to change it.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Reports > All Metrics.. From the list of predefined reports, choose Metric Thresholds.
  2. Optional: To filter down the report to the product for which you want to set the threshold, hover over Configure, and click Configure View. Then, specify appropriate filters.
    For example, choose Product Name, contains and specify the name of the product. Then, click Submit.
  3. To set the threshold, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) in the Threshold column, and click Set Threshold.
    Setting the threshold
  4. Specify the threshold and click Set. The value is set only for the computer group to which you are assigned and is not inherited by its subgroups.
    Providing the threshold value
    Tip: If you want to set a threshold for a subgroup of your computer group, go to Reports > Computer Groups and open the subgroup. In the upper left corner, select All Metrics. Then, from the list of predefined reports, choose Metric Thresholds and set the threshold value for a particular product.


When you set the threshold, its delta is automatically calculated by subtracting the metric quantity from the threshold. If the utilization is lower than or equal to the threshold, the delta is displayed in green. Otherwise, it is displayed in red. Additionally, a line that represents the threshold is displayed on the metric quantity history graph.
Threshold value shown on the report

If you want to remove the threshold, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) and click Clear Threshold. Then, click Clear.

What to do next

From the list of predefined reports, you can choose the Exceeded Thresholds report and schedule emails to be sent whenever a product appears on that report. It will ensure that you are automatically notified when metric utilization for any product exceeds the threshold. For more information, see: Scheduling report emails.