Software is not discovered because it is installed in a directory excluded from scans

It might happen that software is not discovered because the directory in which it is installed is excluded from software scans.


  1. Check in what directory the software is installed.
  2. Check the list of directories that were excluded from software scans.
    Note: Some directories are excluded from software scans by default. However, it is unlikely that IBM software would be installed in any of them. For the list of directories that are excluded by default, see: Excluding directories from being scanned (BigFix scenario).

What to do next

If the software is installed in a directory that was previously excluded from software scans, include the directory back. To include a directory back in software scans, perform the following steps. Then, wait until the next software scan is performed and its results are uploaded to the License Metric Tool server. For information about the frequency of scans and uploads of their results, see: Frequency of scans and uploads of data.