Upgrading to the latest version

A new version of License Metric Tool is released periodically, typically at the end of every calendar quarter. Upgrade to the new version regularly to take full advantage of new features and application fixes as well as to be compliant with subcapacity licensing requirements.

Upgrading policy

The upgrading policy is intended to help you achieve correctness of reports of license metric utilization and to reduce the number of changes to endpoint components, which in turn reduces the total cost of maintenance. License Metric Tool components should be upgraded according to the following policy.

  • License Metric Tool server

    Plan to upgrade the License Metric Tool server to the latest version once a quarter. Upgrading the server gives you access to new features as well as data aggregation and reporting capabilities. It also ensures currency of the software catalog that allows for properly classifying the discovered software.

  • Scanners, VM Manager Tool, and BigFix® components
    You do not need to proactively upgrade the scanners, VM Manager Tool instances, or BigFix components to the latest version every quarter. Upgrade these components when their existing versions: Also, upgrade the components when the Support Team requests you to do so to speed up the troubleshooting process.

Upgrading paths

Upgrading the License Metric Tool server directly to the latest version is possible for eight versions back. For older versions, you need to use the intermediate installer and upgrade to the version that is available on Fix Central. Then, you can upgrade the License Metric Tool server to the latest version.
Graphic that shows the new upgrade process.
  • For application updates between 9.2.27 and 9.2.34, upgrade directly to application update 9.2.35.
  • For application updates earlier than 9.2.27, upgrade to the intermediate version first. For more information, see: Upgrading from old versions.

Other considerations

Do not manually upgrade Java or WebSphere Liberty Profile that are part of License Metric Tool. If these components have known security vulnerabilities, upgrade the License Metric Tool server to the latest version.

Upgrading procedures