Forcing upload of data from VM managers

You can force the data collected from VM managers to be immediately uploaded to the BigFix® server. The data is uploaded once and no schedule is set.

About this task

The following procedure applies to the central and distributed VM Manager Tool. In case of the local VM Manager Tool, data from VM managers is uploaded directly to License Metric Tool during every import. In case of the disconnected VM Manager Tool, data from VM managers is manually transferred to the disconnected data source directory from which it is imported to License Metric Tool.


  1. Log in to the BigFix console.
  2. In the navigation tree, go to Sites > External Sites > IBM License Reporting (ILMT) > Fixlets and Tasks.
  3. Select Force VM Manager Tool Scan Results Upload, and click Take Action.
  4. Select the computer on which the VM Manager Tool is installed, and click OK.


You uploaded the collected data to the BigFix server.

What to do next

Log in to License Metric Tool and run the import to update the data in the user interface.