Upgrading the server in silent mode (BigFix scenario)

To upgrade the server in silent mode, start the installation of a newer version of License Metric Tool on the same computer. Silent installation runs in the background.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that no files or directories in the License Metric Tool installation directory are open in an external program. For example, that no log files are open in a text editor.
  • Ensure that no PDF reports are being generated during the server upgrade. Otherwise, the upgrade might fail with error code 41.
  • The following programs were confirmed to interrupt the upgrade of the server. If you use any of these programs, disable it for the period of the upgrade.
    • Arcserve Backup
    • Dynatrace OneAgent

About this task

If you are upgrading from application update earlier than 9.2.20, additional steps are required. For more information, see: Upgrading to the latest version.


  1. Create a back up of the License Metric Tool database, installation registry, and the server files to be able to restore the server if the upgrade fails. For more information, see: Backing up the server.
  2. Download the latest License Metric Tool installer from Passport Advantage or by running the Download IBM License Metric Tool fixlet. For more information, see: Downloading IBM License Metric Tool 9.2.
  3. Extract the installer.
  4. Read the license agreement in the license.txt file. The file is in the license/LA_language directory.
  5. Edit the upgrade_response.txt file. Set the RSP_LICENSE_ACCEPTED parameter to true.
  6. To start the upgrade, run one of the following commands.
    • Linux ./setup-server-linux-x86_64.sh -i silent -f /response_file_path/upgrade_response.txt
    • Windows setup-server-windows-x86_64.bat -i silent -f response_file_path\upgrade_response.txt
    For response_file_path, enter the absolute path to the response file. For example:
    setup-server-windows-x86_64.bat -i silent -f C:\images\LMT\upgrade_response.txt
    Tip: If the upgrade fails, check the upgrade logs. For more information, see: Server installation and upgrade logs. You can resume a failed upgrade after you solve the problem. For more information, see: Resuming a stopped or failed upgrade. You can also check for the most common reasons of failed upgrades. For more information, see: Installation and upgrade problems.

What to do next

Continue with the upgrade of the remaining components.