Updating the fixlet site

The content of the License Metric Tool fixlet site can be periodically modified. New fixlets, tasks, and analyses can be added. The existing ones can be changed or might become obsolete due to functionality changes. If the BigFix® server is installed on a computer with the Internet access, the License Metric Tool fixlet site is updated automatically whenever the updates are available. However, if the server is installed on a computer without the Internet access, you must update the fixlet site manually. Start by checking whether the fixlet site that you are currently using is up-to-date. If a newer version of the fixlet site exists, download the site content by using the Airgap tool. Then, cache the files on the BigFix server by using the BES Download Cacher.

Note: The procedures in this section describe the extraction mode for upgrading the fixlet site. However, you can use non-extraction mode as an alternative. To explore the Airgap tool capabilities, see: Using the Airgap tool.