Removing tags for software components

9.2.14 Available from 9.2.14.

You use the DELETE operation on the api/sam/v2/tags/software_components element to remove the previously added tags.


User You must be an Administrator or have the Manage Catalog permission to use this API.

Resource URL


Resource information

Table 1. Resource information
Operation details Description
Request headers
Accept-Language (optional)
  • Use: Used to negotiate the language of the response. If this header is not specified, the content is returned in the server language.
  • Values: en-US (only English is supported)
  • Use: Used to authenticate REST API requests. The header is required when you set the value of the api_token_in_url_enabled parameter to false. Otherwise, you can specify the token in the request header or in the URL. For more information, see: Authenticating REST API requests.
  • Values: an alphanumeric string that is generated in License Metric Tool
Request format application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Request payload ids=id_1, id_2, id_3&tags=tag_1, tag_2, tag_3
Response headers
  • Use: Specifies the content type of the response.
  • Values: application/json
  • Use: Specifies the language of the response content. If this header is not specified, the content is returned in the server language.
  • Values: en-US, …
Response format application/json
Response codes

200 – OK

400 – Bad request

Example conversation - removing tags for the selected software components

Note: The length of a single tag is limited to 254 characters.
DELETE https://hostname:port/api/sam/v2/tags/software_components?ids=1,2,3&tags=tag1,tag2
Request header
Accept: application/json 
Accept-Language: en-US
Token: <token>
  "updated_components": 3