How to start License Metric Tool project

To start the License Metric Tool project in your organization, you need to know what actions to plan. You also need to know what people and resources are required to set up and maintain the tool as well as to integrate the related processes in your day-to-day operations.


  • License Metric Tool is dedicated to helping IBM customers ensure compliance with IBM subcapacity licensing. For more information, see: Virtualization Capacity (Sub-capacity) Licensing.
  • License Metric Tool can be downloaded from Passport Advantage free of charge.
    • To learn how to order License Metric Tool from Passport Advantage see the presentation on the Passport Advantage website: How to order LMT.
    • To learn more about how to acquire IBM licenses, renew software subscriptions, buy technical support as well as subscribe to IBM SaaS offering, see: Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express.

Quick start: Resources and implementation overview

To prepare for starting a License Metric Tool project you must consider the resources that are required, such as software and hardware. You must also learn what actions need to be completed to install and configure the product. For a high level overview, see License Metric Tool Quick Start Guide.


When planning the project, you need to consider the personnel who will be cooperating to deliver your compliance goals. Your team needs to install and maintain the software and the infrastructure around it, and perform regular software assignment and management on the License Metric Tool reports. You can divide these tasks between two major roles: