Collected data

License Metric Tool collects data that is needed to identify what IBM software is installed and what its license metric utilization is. Review the details of hardware-related and software-related data that is collected.

Note: The collected data is sent externally only if you set up integration with IBM® Software Central or Red Hat® Marketplace. In this case, the data is sent on demand, not automatically. Otherwise, the data is not sent externally.

Hardware-related data

License Metric Tool collects the following hardware-related data:
  • General information that identifies the computer
    • DNS name
    • Host name
    • IP addresses
  • Processor information
    • Brand name
    • Manufacturer
    • Family
    • CPU frequency
    • Number of cores
    • Number of logical cores
  • Operating system information
    • Name
    • Version
    • Architecture
  • Information about the physical computer (if applicable)
    • Serial number
    • Type
    • Model
    • Vendor
  • Data from all layers of the virtual topology that are eligible for subcapacity licensing incluging VMs, LPARs, LDOMs, zones and other (if applicable)
    • Identification data such as the name and ID of the layers
    • Capacity data such as the number of assigned cores or engines by engine type
    For more information, see: Data collected from VM managers and user requirements.
  • Mounted shared folders (when collecting this information is additionally set up)

Software-related data

License Metric Tool collects the following software-related data:
  • Name and location of files that are used as signatures for old IBM software
  • Location and content of software identification tags for IBM software
  • Information about installed packages (for example, RPM packages on Linux)
    Note: Starting from application update 9.2.33, information about installed packages is not collected.
  • Location and content of .slmtag files that contain license information for IBM software