Upgrading the DB2 database (disconnected scenario)

The DB2 database stores information crucial for the operation of the License Metric Tool server. Ensure that you always use a supported version of the database, upgrade it regularly, and create backups for the purpose of disaster recovery.

Changes in supported versions of DB2

Upgrading the database might be a process that you need to plan ahead. Thus, it is important that you become familiar with the plan of changes in versions of the database that are supported by the License Metric Tool server. For more information, see: Changes in versions of DB2 supported by the License Metric Tool server.

Downloading the installer for upgrading DB2

To upgrade the DB2 database, download the installer for the latest patch of DB2 11.5 from Fix Central. If you need a different version of DB2, download the installation packages from the DB2 download page.

Upgrading procedure

Before you start the upgrade, ensure that the computer on which DB2 is installed meets all the requirements. For example, runs on a supported operating system. For information about requirements and a step-by-step procedures of upgrading the database or applying a fix pack, refer to the following pages in the DB2 documentation:

In some cases, error SRVE0296E can be written in the tema.log file after upgrading the database. For information how to solve the problem, see: Database problems.

Supported versions of DB2

Before you upgrade the database of the License Metric Tool server, verify whether the new version of the database is supported by your current version of the License Metric Tool server and the version of the server to which you are upgrading. Otherwise, the License Metric Tool server might not work. Refer to the following table for information about versions of DB2 that are supported by particular versions of the License Metric Tool server.

Table 1. DB2 versions supported by the License Metric Tool server
  License Metric Tool - - - -
DB2 10.1 FP5 -10.5 FP4 Supported Supported Not supported Not supported
DB2 10.5 FP5 - 10.5 FP11 Supported Supported Supported2 Not supported
DB2 11.1 Not supported Supported Supported Supported
DB2 11.5 Not supported Not supported1 Supported Supported

1 Do not upgrade DB2 database to version 11.5 if you are using License Metric Tool server in versions between and The upgrade will fail and corrupt your database due to an APAR in the DB2 database migrator. You can work around this problem by applying a fix from the following technote Upgrading DB2 to version 11.5 is not possible for License Metric Tool application updates - After you apply the fix, you can upgrade DB2 to version 11.5, and then upgrade the License Metric Tool server to version

2 Except for version and which do not support DB2 10.5 FP5.