Features and functions

License Metric Tool provides useful features for managing virtualized environments. It discovers the software that is installed in your infrastructure and helps you analyze license metric utilization data.

Discovery and identification of IBM software

License Metric Tool scans your infrastructure to determine what IBM software is installed on the monitored computers. It provides detailed information about the version of the installed software (with granularity of at least version, release, and modification) which you can use, among others, for version management and security patching.

Reporting of IBM subcapacity

License Metric Tool provides audit reports that are required to comply with requirements of subcapacity licensing.

Tracking compliance of software licenses by defining license usage thresholds

You can set up thresholds of license metric utilization to easily see whether the utilization is above or below your expectations. You can also set up email notifications to be informed when the thresholds are approached or exceeded.

Reporting IT infrastructure

License Metric Tool provides information about computers in your infrastructure, including detailed information about processors and virtualization layers.