Installing All-in-One on Linux in silent mode (BigFix scenario)

To install all components of License Metric Tool by using the All-in-One installer in silent mode, edit parameters in the install_response.txt file, and run the installation command.

Before you begin

  • Run the installation as root.
  • Ensure that the /home directory is a directory with write permissions to allow for the DB2 installation. The use of an automounted directory is not supported.
  • Ensure that the /opt directory is a directory with execute and write permissions. It is an internal requirement of BigFix®.


  1. Authorize the All-in-One installation with a set of license files. If the computer on which you are running the installation has the Internet access, the license files are created during the installation. If the computer does not have the Internet access, or if for some other reason you cannot create the license files during the installation, run a license generator and create license files in offline mode.
    Note: If you decide to create license files in offline mode on a computer that has the access to Internet, make sure that you continue the installation in the same command session.
  2. Go to the directory where you downloaded the installation package, and extract the installation files.
    tar xvf installation_package
  3. Go to the licenses subfolder and read the license agreements in the following files: LA_<language>, LI_<language>, non_ibm_license, notices.
  4. Edit the install_response.txt file and adjust it to your installation.
    Ensure that you uncomment and specify the values of the following parameters:
    Tip: Avoid using admin, administrator, root or a similar name for the administrative account. Such an account might be prone to hacker attacks and locked out if an attacker exceeds the specified number of failed login attempts. For more information about the account lockout, see: Configuring user account lockout.

    Important: Ensure that the password for the DB2 instance owner meets the requirements that are specific for the operating system on which you are installing DB2. Otherwise, the installation fails.

    Attention: Ensure that you remember the first password that you specify for the IEMAdmin administrative user. The password is the same for the private key. If you lose the private key file or forget its password, a new license certificate needs to be created, which requires a new installation.

    RSP_IEM_LICENSE_FILES_DIR (this parameter is optional for online installation)
    Attention: Ensure that the files are stored in a secure folder. If you lose the private key file or forget its password, a new license certificate needs to be created, which requires a new installation. In case of online installation, the files are by default in the /root/BigFix_license_<timestamp> folder.


    The following parameters are required to create license files and are mandatory only when the computer on which you are installing License Metric Tool has Internet access:


  5. Change to the directory with installation files. To start the installation, run the following command. -f response_file_path -i silent
    Where response_file_path is the absolute path to the response file that you are using. For example: -f /tmp/images/install_response.txt -i silent
    Use the -h option to view help information about using the script, for example: -h.
    Note: If the installation fails, you can run the script to remove all components of License Metric Tool that were installed so far and start a fresh installation. For more information, see: Removing all components after a failed installation (BigFix scenario).
  6. To access the License Metric Tool user interface, open a browser and go to https://host_name:port, where host_name is the host name of the computer where the License Metric Tool server is installed, and port is the port that you specified during the installation, by default: 9081.


Wait for the initial setup to complete. After it completes, software and capacity scans are automatically scheduled on the computers in your infrastructure according to the default scan configuration. Data that they collect should be displayed on the License Metric Tool reports. However, the newly set-up environment needs time to finish the scans and to upload their results to the server. If the reports do not contain any data after the first import, wait about an hour until the scans are completed. Then, run another import.

What to do next

Install the BigFix console.

To increase security of the transferred data, it is recommended to enable encrypted connection to the License Metric Tool database. For more information, see: Enabling encrypted connection to the database.