Mapping columns between computer_systems and v2/computers REST API

9.2.8 Available from 9.2.8.

If you have custom tools or internal processes that use the computer_systems REST API, learn how columns in this API map to the columns in the v2/computers API. It is best to adjust the tools to use REST API in version 2.

Note: If a column from the computer_systems API that you use does not map to any column in the v2/computers API or the mapping provides insufficient granularity of information, submit an idea for enhancement.
Table 1. Mapping computer_systems to v2/computers REST API
computer_systems API computers API Comments
id   Computer systems are substituted with computers.
parent_id   Computer systems are substituted with computers. Additionally, REST API version 2 is not hierarchical.
computer_id id  
computer_remote_id bigfix_id  
server_id computer_hardware.server_id  
type computer_hardware.computer_type REST API version 2 has three possible values: physical, virtual, and computer running on a public cloud.
os os  
host_name name  
dns_name dns_name  
ip_address ip_address  
last_seen last_seen  
hardware_manufacturer 9.2.16 computer_hardware.server_vendor In application updates earlier than 9.2.16, the information is contained in the computer_hardware.server_name column.
hardware_model 9.2.16 computer_hardware.server_model
hardware_serial_number 9.2.16 computer_hardware.server_serial_number
hardware_type 9.2.16 computer_hardware.server_type
hardware_name computer_hardware.server_name  
processor_brand_string computer_hardware.processor_brand_string  
processor_type computer_hardware.processor_type  
processor_brand computer_hardware.processor_brand  
processor_vendor computer_hardware.processor_vendor  
partition_cores computer_hardware.partition_cores  
server_processors computer_hardware.node_total_processors  
server_cores computer_hardware.server_cores  
pvu_per_core computer_hardware.pvu_per_core  
cluster_id   Cluster ID is substituted with cluster name that is available in the computer_hardware.cluster_name column.