9.2.13 Available from 9.2.13.

FlexPoint is a license metric unit that can be used to determine the cost of IBM products that are purchased as part of FlexPoint bundles. Each product from a bundle is licensed based on a different license metric but all metrics are converted into FlexPoints. The conversion is based on the specific calculations. Products that are currently available as part of FlexPoint bundles are products from the IBM Cloud and IBM Analytics brands.


The following example describes how the number of FlexPoints that are used in your environment is counted by License Metric Tool. The calculations are based on sample values and should be treated only as an example.

You purchased the IBM Cloud DevOps offering and you deployed three products from this offering: UrbanCode Deploy Server Agent, Rational Test Workbench, and Rational Test Virtualization Server. Each of the products is licensed based on a different license metric as presented in Table 1. To calculate the number of FlexPoints that are used by these products, License Metric Tool multiplies the number of license metric units that each product uses by the number of FlexPoints that are assigned per metric unit for that product. Results for each product are then summed up to obtain the number of FlexPoints used by the entire FlexPoint bundle.
Table 1. FlexPoints needed to license products deployed as part of the IBM Cloud DevOps offering
Product Used license metrics FlexPoints per license metric unit Calculations
UrbanCode Deploy Server Agent 2 Virtual Servers 129,800 2 x 129,800 = 259,600
Rational Test Workbench 50 Authorized Users 15,950 50 x 15,950 = 797,500
Rational Test Virtualization Server 210 PVUs 2,893 210 x 2,893 = 607,530
Total FlexPoints Used 1,664,630

Reading metric utilization

Information about FlexPoint bundles

You can view information about FlexPoint bundles on the Flex Points and Cloud Paks report. The report lists the FlexPoint bundles based on the decisions that you make during software classification. The metric quantity represents the license metric utilization for an entire bundle over the specified period of time expressed in FlexPoints.

Excerpt from the Flex Points and Cloud Paks report

Information about the products that contribute to FlexPoint bundles

To view the detailed report with license metric utilization for individual products that are parts of a bundle, go to the Flex Points and Cloud Paks report, and click the FlexPoint bundle name in the Product Name column. The detailed information include the peak date of the entire FlexPoint bundle and the number of FlexPoints used by each individual product. Additionally, you can check the number of original metric units by which the products are licensed that are used over the reporting period.

Note: 9.2.16 You can change the metric quantity for the products that contribute to the bundle. Once you set the declared metric quantity for a product that is a part of a FlexPoint bundle, the number of the FlexPoints for the entire bundle is automatically adjusted. For more information, see: Setting and removing the declared metric quantity.
Excerpt from the detailed report.

Information about FlexPoints in audit snapshot

9.2.16 When you generate the audit snapshot, information about FlexPoint bundles and the number of FlexPoints that they use is contained in the flexpoints.csv file. The file additionally contains information about the software products within the bundle and the number of FlexPoints used by them.

Table 2. A fragment of the flexpoints.csv file
Row No. Publisher Product Name Cloud Pak or FlexPoint Bundle1 Metric Metric Quantity Peak Date Bundle Metric Contribution Imported Part Numbers Recalculation Needed
1 IBM Cloud DevOps - Perpetual None FlexPoint 139,073 06/14/2019     No
2 IBM IBM Rational ClearCase Cloud DevOps - Perpetual Floating User 20 06/14/2019 136,400   No
3 IBM IBM Rational ClearQuest Cloud DevOps - Perpetual Authorized User 1 06/14/2019 2,673   No
1 In earlier application updates, the column is called FlexPoint or Cloud Pak Bundle.