Downloading the All-in-One installer for Linux (BigFix scenario)

To obtain the License Metric Tool All-in-One installer for Linux, log in to Passport Advantage and download the server installation package. If the computer on which you are going to install the server does not have the Internet access, download also the license generator.

Before you begin

The All-in-One installer contains versions of the components outlined in the Summary of available packages section of the Downloading IBM License Metric Tool 9.2 technote.


  1. Order License Metric Tool from Passport Advantage. For detailed steps, see the presentation on the Passport Advantage website: How to order LMT.
    • In case of questions or problems with ordering or downloading License Metric Tool, contact the Passport Advantage support. Do not open a case for the License Metric Tool Support.
    • If you are a Federal or Government Client, contact your IBM Sales representative to obtain information on how to order License Metric Tool.
  2. Download the server installation package.
    Important: The All-in-One installer is usually uploaded to Passport Advantage (PPA) a month after the release of the License Metric Tool application update. If the installer for application update 9.2.35 is not yet available on PPA, download and install application update 9.2.34. Then, you can easily upgrade to the latest version. For more information, see: Upgrading components of License Metric Tool (BigFix scenario).
    Image Description Part number
    ILMT_AIO_Lnx-x86-64_V9235.tar.gz IBM® License Metric Tool All-In-One Installer V9.2.34 for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® x86-64 Multilingual M0HSMML

What to do next

If you want to install all components, proceed with the All-in-One installation. If you want to reuse the existing BigFix infrastructure, install the License Metric Tool server and DB2.