Selecting virtual machines for UUID-based filtering

To select virtual machines from which you want to collect the capacity data, specify their UUIDs in the file.


  1. Optional: To obtain the list of virtual machines Quids, run the select distinct uuid from ADM.VIRTUAL_VM_UUID SQL query. For more information, see Obtaining the list of virtual machine UUIDs.
  2. Open the file. By default, the file is in the following location.
    • For local VM Manager Tool
      • Linux opt/ibm/LMT/VMMAN/config
      • Windows C:\Program Files\ibm\LMT\VMMAN\config
    • For central and distributed VM Manager Tool
      • Linux /var/opt/BESClient/LMT/VMMAN/config
      • Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\VMMAN\config
    • For disconnected VM Manager Tool
      • Linux VM Manager Tool install dir/config
      • Windows VM Manager Tool install dir\config
  3. Add UUIDs of the virtual machines from which you want to collect the capacity data.
    During filter matching, the VM manager removes white space characters and hyphens (-). All letters are also converted to uppercase. All of the following entries are valid.
    • 5030a6eb-485a-35b5-0fa0-a8bc4a459c9d
    • 564da050-7b20-8754-b578-e8437da8653e
    • 564D1E0d4C0CE65B8A54203D7E032D2B
  4. To load the list of UUIDs that you added, run the following command.
    • Linux ./ -reloadconfig
    • Windows vmman.bat -reloadconfig