Running the distributed and disconnected VM Manager Tool

After you create configuration files for VM managers, run the VM Manager Tool to load the configuration, test connections, and check the status of VM managers.

About this task

For a complete list of commands that can be used by the VM Manager Tool, see: VM Manager Tool command-line options.


  1. Open the command-line interface and go to the installation directory of the VM Manager Tool.
    • For distributed VM Manager Tool
      • Linux /var/opt/BESClient/LMT/VMMAN
      • Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\VMMAN
    • For disconnected VM Manager Tool
      • Linux VM Manager Tool install dir/VMMAN
      • Windows VM Manager Tool install dir\VMMAN
    Tip: If you do not remember where the VM Manager Tool is installed, search the computer for the following file.
    • Linux
    • Windows vmman.bat
  2. To start the VM Manager Tool, run the following command. If the tool is already started, a proper message is displayed.
    • Linux icon ./ -run
    • Windows icon vmman.bat -run
  3. To load new or updated configuration files, run the following command. During this step, the passwords that you provided in the configuration files are encrypted. Repeat this step every time you modify or create a configuration file.
    • Linux icon ./ -reloadconfig
    • Windows icon vmman.bat -reloadconfig
  4. To test connections to VM managers, run the following command. If no VM manager connection is defined, the command output is empty.
    • Linux icon ./ -testconnection
    • Windows icon vmman.bat -testconnection
  5. To check the status of VM managers, run the following command.
    • Linux icon ./ -status
    • Windows icon vmman.bat -status
    For more information about statuses of VM managers, see: VM manager statuses.


If the VM managers report the OK status, they are working properly, and the capacity data is collected. The upload of collected data is triggered shortly after you modify any VM manager, for example you add a connection or change an existing one. If no modifications are made, the data is uploaded according to the schedule. For more information, see: Flow of capacity data - distributed VM Manager Tool or Flow of capacity data - disconnected VM Manager Tool.