Backing up and restoring the database

Perform regular backups of the data that is stored in the database, and restore it when needed to prevent data loss.

To maintain data consistency during data recovery, it is recommended to perform backup at least once per week. When you plan regular backups, you must consider the dynamics of your environment, for example, infrastructure changes and software installations. It is a good practice to back up the database before you upgrade the server, or introduce significant changes to the middleware or the operating system. The number of backups that you keep depends on the storage space available. It is recommended to ensure that the backup that you store allows the restoration of your environment to the last functional state. Thus, if you introduce several consecutive changes in the application, the database, or the operating system, ensure that you perform backup after each of those change.

Consider the start time and duration of the import when you plan the backup schedule to avoid performance impact on the data import.