Flow of capacity data - local VM Manager Tool

9.2.22 Available from 9.2.22

Local VM Manager Tool is installed on the same computer as the License Metric Tool server. Capacity data from VM managers is uploaded directly from the VM Manager Tool to License Metric Tool during the import of data.

Figure 1. Flow of capacity data - local VM Manager Tool
Flow of capacity data with a local VM Manager Tool
Table 1. Frequency of steps of collecting capacity data
Number Step Frequency Comments
1. Changes in configuration of the VM Manager Tool or VM manager connections are sent directly to the VM Manager Tool. After every change and reload of configuration The change is effective immediately.
2. VM manager data is collected from VM managers by the VM Manager Tool. Every 30 minutes
Restriction: In case of subcapacity reporting, it is necessary to capture mobility of VMs. To ensure that it is captured, data from VM managers must be collected every 30 minutes. You can change the frequency of collecting data only if you use License Metric Tool for purposes other than subcapacity reporting.
3. Capacity data is imported to License Metric Tool. Every 24 hours