Enabling partial imports (BigFix scenario)

9.2.11 Available from 9.2.11.

If the imports of data are failing, you can enable partial imports. Such imports process all steps and continue even if steps that are not crucial for the operation of License Metric Tool fail. These imports allow for avoiding accumulation of scan data during the period when you troubleshoot the problem.


  1. In the navigation bar, go to Management > Advanced Server Settings.
  2. Change the value of the enable_partial_imports parameter to true.


Information about data imports and their status is displayed in the import history. Partial imports are indicated by a warning sign.
Image shows the Import History section for partial import of data
Partial imports might fail if any of the steps that are crucial for the operation of License Metric Tool is disrupted, for example, if the database connection does not work. The imports that fail are displayed in red in the import history.

What to do next

After the problem is solved, and imports complete successfully, disable partial imports.