Available from 9.2.17.

Nutanix is one of the virtualization technologies supported by License Metric Tool.


Nutanix solutions are built on the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Nutanix Acropolis is a foundation of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform that provides built-in virtualization, storage services, networking and cross-hypervisor application mobility. Nutanix supports all of the leading hypervisors, including virtualization solutions from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and the native Nutanix hypervisor, AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) which is a native virtualization solution that supports IBM Power and x86 based hosts depending on version.


Nutanix Prism is a management pane that provides unified interface for Nutanix clusters. It is used to monitor and manage entities across Nutanix clusters through a web console. It allows to run a mixed environment, or easily switch hypervisors to meet changing needs.

The default URL is:
The screen shows how the License Metric Tool server collects data from Nutanix.

Supported versions

For information about supported versions, go to IBM® License Metric Tool 9.2 - Supported Operating Systems and click Supported Hypervisor.