Activating the analyses (BigFix scenario)

An analysis is a collection of property expressions that is used to view and summarize properties of computers in your infrastructure. Some of the analyses are required to discover installed software and must be activated all the time. Other analyses are used only in specific scenarios or for troubleshooting purposes and can be activated according to your needs.

About this task

If you enabled the default scan configuration or completed the All-in-One installation, the required analyses are activated automatically and this configuration is not required.


  1. Log in to the BigFix® console.
  2. In the navigation tree, click Sites > External Sites > IBM License Reporting (ILMT) > Analyses.
  3. To activate an analysis, right-click it, and click Activate.
    To ensure that the installed software is properly detected, activate the following analyses on all computers in your infrastructure:
    • Installed UNIX Packages
    • Installed Windows Applications
    • Scanner Information
    • Software Scan Status
    Note: Starting from application update 9.2.33, information about installed packages is not collected. The Installed UNIX Packages and Installed Windows Applications analyses are not present.

What to do next

Install the scanner on the computers on which you want to detect the software.