Scheduling imports of data (BigFix scenario)

BigFix® clients report data to the BigFix server that stores the data in its file system or database. License Metric Tool server connects to the BigFix server and its database, downloads the stored data, and processes it. This process is called an import or Extract, Transform, Load (ETL). By default, the import runs once a day at midnight. You can schedule it for a period that is most suitable for your environment considering its size and specification.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the Manage Imports permission to perform this task.

About this task

The import of data is an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process. For more information, see: Import or Extract, Transform, Load (ETL).


  1. In the navigation bar, click Management > Data Imports.
  2. To schedule regular imports, select Enabled, specify the number of daily imports and their hours, and click Save.
    Import Settings panel


Information about data imports and their status is displayed in the import history.
Image shows the Import History section for standard import of data

What to do next

9.2.11 If the imports of data are failing, you can enable partial imports. For more information, see: Enabling partial imports (BigFix scenario).