Fixlets, tasks, and analyses

Fixlets and tasks are central to BigFix® platform. License Metric Tool, as a part of this platform, uses them to perform required actions on selected computers. Fixlets and tasks define these actions and specify the criteria that make them relevant. Usually, an action is deployed with a simple click.


Fixlets, tasks, and analyses are available on the dedicated IBM License Reporting (ILMT) v9 site that can be accessed through the BigFix console.
The screen shows the BigFix console with the License Metric Tool site.

For more information, see: Sites in the BigFix documentation.


You can run a fixlet or task only on the computers for which it is relevant. Relevance indicates which computers meet the relevance conditions that are listed for each fixlet or task on the Details tab. The Applicable Computer Count column shows the number of computers that apply. Relevance is determined per computer, and is continuously re-evaluated by BigFix. It helps you understand the sequence of actions. In some cases, it might be required to run one fixlet or task, to enable action defined by another. Relevance of the deployment fixlets indicates that a new component version is available, and you should run it to ensure that the latest code level is used. For more information, see: Fixlets and tasks in the BigFix documentation.
Note: If you need to run a task on a computer that is not relevant, see: Checking why a fixlet or task is not relevant.


Analyses provide an overview of the most important information about the computers in the environment, the installed scanner version, or status of the last software scan. You can use these details to monitor health and understand if all necessary actions were successfully completed. For more information, see: Analyses in the BigFix documentation.

Initial configuration

The required configuration fixlets and tasks ensure that License Metric Tool works properly.

If you use All-in-One installer, the scans are configured automatically. For more information, see: Default scan configuration (BigFix scenario). If you selected Enable default scan schedule for this data source during initial configuration, the scans are configured automatically. Otherwise, you must configure the scans manually. For more information, see: Manual scan configuration (BigFix scenario).