Deleting inactive computers through the user interface

9.2.31 Available from 9.2.31.

When a computer is no longer active, delete it from License Metric Tool. One of the possible methods is removing computers directly through the License Metric Tool user interface. After a computer is deleted, software that is installed on this computer no longer contributes to license metric utilization. However, historical data reported by this computer remains available.

Before you begin

User icon You must have the Manage Endpoints permission to perform this task.

About this task

You can use this procedure to delete computers that are monitored by BigFix® clients and computers that are monitored by disconnected scanners.

In case of computers with BigFix, computers that reported to the BigFix server within 24 hours before the last import of data to License Metric Tool are considered to be still active. If you select such computers for deletion, you are informed that they seem to be active. However, you can still delete them.

In case of computers with the disconnected scanner, you can delete all computers regardless of when was the last time that data was collected from such computers and uploaded to License Metric Tool.

If a computer that you deleted is in fact active and it reports some new data, it is recreated in License Metric Tool.


  1. In the top navigation bar, go to Reports > Computers.
  2. Select a computer or computers that are no longer active, and click Delete.
  3. If all of the computers that you selected are inactive, click Delete All. If some of the computers are still active, decide whether you want to delete all of the computers or only the ones that are inactive.