Default scan configuration (BigFix scenario)

Default scan configuration is advised for environments with up to a few thousand computers. It ensures that the required analyses are activated and software and capacity scans as well as uploads of their results are scheduled automatically. These actions are necessary to collect data from the computers in your infrastructure and to display it on the License Metric Tool reports. You can enable the default scan configuration during the configuration of License Metric Tool connections to the databases or when adding another data source.

What happens automatically

When you enable default scan configuration, the following actions are automatically activated and scheduled on each computer that is subscribed to the License Metric Tool site. The same configuration is also automatically applied to all computers that are subscribed to the License Metric Tool site at a later time.
  • The following analyses are activated:
    • Capacity Configuration for Linux on z Systems
    • Installed UNIX Packages
    • Installed Windows Applications
    • Scanner Information
    • Software Scan Status
    • VM Manager Information
    Note: Starting from application update 9.2.33, information about installed packages is not collected. The Installed UNIX Packages and Installed Windows Applications analyses are not present.
  • The scanner is installed.
  • 9.2.21 The software catalog is distributed to the endpoints.
  • All types of software scans and uploads of their results are scheduled.
  • Capacity scans and uploads of their results are scheduled.

What to do next

  • After you enable the configuration, run the import of data. The data that is collected from the computers in your infrastructure should be displayed on the License Metric Tool reports. However, the newly set-up environment needs time to finish the scans and to upload their results to the server. If the reports do not contain any data after the first import, wait about an hour until the scans are completed. Then, run another import.

    To change the default scan configuration, use the Scan Configurations panel. Alternatively, you can change the scan configuration through the BigFix console by using the Initiate Software Scan fixlet.

  • Add VM managers that are an important and mandatory addition to the capacity scan. These are the hosts that manage your virtual machines. License Metric Tool can already evaluate the virtual capacity of your environment, but needs extra data about the physical one to accurately calculate your subcapacity consumption. This data can be collected only from VM managers.