server association

9.2.24 Available from 9.2.24.

Use the server association to retrieve information about unique physical servers in your infrastructure.



Applicable REST APIs

You can use the server association with the following REST API:


For example:
GET https://hostname:port/api/sam/v2/license_usage_per_server?columns[]

Schema description

To retrieve the list of all columns that are returned by this REST API together with their descriptions, use the following request.
GET https://hostname:port/api/sam/v2/schemas/server.json

Available columns

Table 1. Columns with information about servers
Column Description Type
id Identifier of the server. Integer
name A unique system in the infrastructure.
  • For a physical machine, it is the hardware manufacturer, type, and a machine serial number.
  • For a virtual machine, it is the manufacturer and host name.
  • For a virtual machine with an incomplete definition, it is a UUID that is prefixed with TLM_VM_.
type Type of the server. Possible values are:
  • 0 - physical
  • 1- artificial or temporary
  • 2- public cloud
hardware_serial_number Serial number of a physical server. For artificial servers with incomplete definitions, it is the UUID of a virtual machine prefixed with TLM_VM_. String
hardware_vendor A manufacturer of the server. String
hardware_model A hardware model of the server. String
hardware_type A hardware type of the server. String
total_processors Number of processors on the server. Float
cores Number of processor cores that are used by the server. Float
processor_brand_string Full specification of the processor including its brand, model and speed as read from the computer operating system. String
processor_model Model of the processor. String
processor_type Type of the processor according to the number of cores. String
processor_vendor Vendor of the processor. String
pvu_per_core Number of PVUs that are assigned to a processor core on the computer. By default, the value is taken from the PVU table. Integer
default_pvu_value Indicates whether a default number of PVUs is assigned to the computer. Possible values:
  • 0 - false
  • 1 - true
custom_pvu_value Indicates whether the number of PVUs was manually specified by the user overriding the detected value. Possible values:
  • 0 - false
  • 1 - true
active_computers Number of active computers (computers that were not deleted) that run directly on the server or on any partitions or virtual machines on that server. Integer