mounted_shared_disks association

9.2.12 Available from 9.2.12.

Use the mounted_shared_disks association to retrieve information about shared disks that are mounted on each computer as part of other REST API requests.

Note: This association can be used to retrieve information about computers on which the BigFix® client is installed. It cannot be used to retrieve information about computers on which the disconnected scanner is installed because the scanner does not gather information about shared disks.



Applicable REST APIs

You can use the mounted_shared_disks association with the following REST APIs:


For example:
GET https://hostname:port/api/sam/v2/computers?columns[]=mounted_shared_disks.mount_point

Schema description

To retrieve the list of all columns that are returned by this association together with their descriptions, use the following request.
GET https://hostname:port/api/sam/schemas/associations/mounted_shared_disks.json

Available columns

Table 1. Columns with information about computer hardware
Property Description Type
shared_disk_id Identifier of the shared disk that is mounted on the computer. Integer
mount_point Directory in which the shared disk is mounted. String
exported_directory Exported directory of the shared disk. String