Configuring Workload Manager (WLM)

To get optimum performance from the server, define the server to WLM. The Data Service server should be prioritized slightly below the data provider in your WLM environment. It is not sufficient to simply add the STC to a WLM service class as the server will create independent enclaves for each connection.

About this task

The server should be configured to use a medium to high performing WLM velocity goal as its default service class.


  1. Create a WLM Classification rule.
    1. Go to the WLM ISPF application, and select option 6 (Classification Rules).
    2. Select option 1 to Create.
    3. Set the Subsystem Type to AZK, and provide an optional description.
    4. Under the Class/Service Column next to DEFAULTS, set the desired default service class name. If a desired service class does not exist, then create one using option 4 (Service Classes) under the Primary WLM menu. Press enter and PF3 to save.
  2. Define the Data Service started task AZK1PROC to a WLM service class.
    1. Go to the WLM ISPF application, and select option 6 (Classification Rules).
    2. For the STC WLM-subsystem type, select Modify.
    3. Add an entry for AZK1PROC.
    4. Add an appropriate service class for the started task and define it relative to existing workload resource management objectives.
    5. Add a unique Report class for the started task.
  3. Activate the new WLM policy definition.