IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transactions, Version

Performance information for aggregates

The Aggregates (AGGREGATS) table contains response time and transaction rate information for aggregates in each Transaction Reporter.

The following table includes a description of the attributes in this group.

Attribute (click on the link for a description) Tivoli Data Warehouse term for historical reporting Tivoli Data Warehouse database column size in bytes
Aggregate Aggregate 256
Aggregate ID Aggregate_ID 32
Dynamic Workspace Link Blob 1 Dynamic_Workspace_Link_Blob_1 512
Dynamic Workspace Link Blob 2 Dynamic_Workspace_Link_Blob_2 512
Dynamic Workspace Link Blob 3 Dynamic_Workspace_Link_Blob_3 512
Dynamic Workspace Link Blob 4 Dynamic_Workspace_Link_Blob_4 512
Enclosing Application Enclosing_Application 256
Enclosing Application ID Enclosing_Application_ID 32
Enclosing Component Enclosing_Component 256
Enclosing Component ID Enclosing_Component_ID 32
Enclosing ID Enclosing_ID 32
Enclosing Server Enclosing_Server 256
Enclosing Server ID Enclosing_Server_ID 32
Failed Failed 4
Good Good 4
Group Level Group_Level 2
Percent Failed Percent_Failed 2
Percent Good Percent_Good 2
Percent Slow Percent_Slow 2
Slow Slow 4
Sort Order Sort_Order 4
System Name System_Name 64
Timestamp Timestamp 16
Total Time Total_Time 4
Total Time Baseline Total_Time_Baseline 4
Total Time Deviation Total_Time_Deviation 4
Total Transaction Count Total_Transaction_Count 4
Transaction Count Transaction_Count 4
Transaction Rate Transaction_Rate 4
Transaction Rate Baseline Transaction_Rate_Baseline 4
Transaction Rate Deviation Transaction_Rate_Deviation 4

Last updated: September 2014