IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3 Fix Pack 2

Overview of IBM Tivoli Monitoring

This chapter describes the architecture of the IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring products and provides information to help you plan your deployment and prepare to install, upgrade, or configure the product's base components.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring products monitor the performance and availability of distributed operating systems and applications. These products are based on a set of common service components, referred to collectively as Tivoli Management Services. Tivoli Management Services components provide security, data transfer and storage, notification mechanisms, user interface presentation, and communication services in an agent-server-client architecture (Figure 1). These services are shared by a number of other products, including IBM Tivoli XE mainframe monitoring products and IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager products, as well as other IBM Tivoli Monitoring products such as Tivoli Monitoring for Applications, Tivoli Monitoring for Cluster Managers, Tivoli Monitoring for Databases, Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management, Tivoli Monitoring for Messaging and Collaboration, Tivoli Monitoring for Messaging and Collaboration, and Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments.

This book contains information on deploying, installing, and configuring the common services components and the monitoring agents that comprise the base IBM Tivoli Monitoring product on distributed systems. If you purchased a product other than IBM Tivoli Monitoring that uses Tivoli Management Services, use this book to install and configure the common components. Do not install the base operating system agents listed below unless you have also licensed IBM Tivoli Monitoring.
If you purchased additional IBMTivoli Monitoring products, see their documentation for agent-specific installation and configuration information.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 products are enabled for use with IBM License Metric Tool. Tivoli Management Services components and Tivoli Monitoring agents provide inventory signature files and usage definitions that allow License Metric Tool to report installed products and product usage by computer. License Metric Tool support is an optional capability that requires License Metric Tool version 7.5 or later.