Programming for the service interface

Optim™ Service Interface is a web application that provides a public interface into the IBM® InfoSphere® Optim data management solution environment. (Optim Service Interface is also known as the service interface.) The service interface can be used by other applications to run, monitor, and manage services.

How the service interface works

The service interface accepts HTTP requests from other applications. Each HTTP request must follow a method to accomplish a specific task. Some methods require the submission of XML request payloads. The service interface processes each request that the service interface receives. When the request is complete, the service interface returns an HTTP response code and output document where applicable to the other application.


To use the service interface, you must first install the service interface on a computer. The service interface is installed as a optional part of the IBM InfoSphere Optim Web Applications package, which also contains the manager and the connection manager. You must then deploy the connection manager and the manager to an application server before you can deploy and start the service interface.


To secure the service interface from unauthorized use, use a firewall to control access to the application server on which the service interface is deployed. Also, ensure that any applications that use the service interface can authenticate users and log requests that are sent to the service interface.