Command Line Interface

Optimâ„¢ provides a command line interface that allows you to run an Extract, Insert, Load, or Convert Process, run one or more processes from a file, or run a scheduled job, without opening the graphical user interface.

The command line interface can be run from the command line, or automatically—in a batch file, or from another program.

Command Line Tasks

Use the command line interface to:

The following sections explain and describe how to perform each type of task. Process return codes are listed in the last section of this chapter.


The typical command begins with PR0CMND followed by command-line keywords and associated arguments. The following guidelines apply:

Syntax Conventions

The syntax conventions used to describe these statements are:

Keywords are shown in uppercase for emphasis, but can be specified in lower or mixed case.
Variable text is shown in lowercase italics.
( )
Statement delimiter to group a series of qualifiers for a parameter.
[ ]
Indicates an optional parameter.
{ }
Indicates a choice of two or more settings from which only one must be selected.
Separates options.