Z APM Connect Base possible error scenarios

Learn how to correct or avoid some of the possible errors related to Z APM Connect Base.

Z APM Connect Base is dropping events

Problem: When you see message number AGMAD68W about Z APM Connect Base dropping events, the following errors are likely:
  • Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway (Z APM Connect DG) is unavailable.
  • Z APM Connect Base can not keep up with excessive amount of data.
  1. Verify that Z APM Connect DG is available. For more information about troubleshooting, see Z APM Connect Distributed Gateway possible error scenarios.
  2. Create a second or subsequent Z APM Connect Bases to receive the monitoring data from Z APM Connect z/OS components. For more information, see Creating a second or subsequent Base STC.

Z APM Connect DG Collector location that is specified incorrectly in AGMAPARM

  1. Check the TTServerString for the correct fully qualified domain name (fqdn) or IP address of the Z APM Connect DG machine.
  2. Check that the Z APM Connect DG machine can be pinged from the host machine, and that there is no firewall on the machine or port number, for example:

No Z APM Connect Couriers is started.

Solution: By default, three Z APM Connect Couriers are started when the Z APM Connect Base is started. If no Couriers are now running, check the Courier output messages for errors, such as malformed TTServerString values. Fix the problem and either recycle the Base, or start Couriers with the /F AGMA,CSTART command.

Subsystem name that is specified incorrectly in Z APM Connect Base JCL

Solution: Check the SSNM value on the first line of the Z APM Connect Base JCL. The default value is SSNM='AGMZ'. If you use a non-default value, be sure to configure CICS and IMS to use the same value specified in the Base JCL.

Message: AGMQ0011W AGMZ MQ Subsystem M31D: Already tracking

Problem: If you see this message during Z APM Connect Base Base (AGMAPROC) startup:
AGMQ0011W AGMZ MQ Subsystem M31D : Already tracking
there could be these possible reasons:
  • The MQ queue manager name could be incorrect.

    Solution: Fix the MQ queue manager name in the Base's AGMACMDS DD data set member, on the AGMQ INIT statement.

  • Another Base has already issued the AGMQ INIT for this MQ queue manager name.
  • In rare cases, if the Base has issued the AGMQ INIT for this MQ queue manager name, but the queue manager was not completely available at the time of the INIT and the Base is then stopped before the queue manager is available, the tracking information will no longer be available, and the status will be stuck in the "Already tracking" state.
    Solution: In this case, either an IPL is needed, or a new MQ Monitoring Subsystem name needs to be created using this procedure which does not require an IPL:
    1. Create a new subsystem, using this console command: SETSSI ADD,SUBNAME=MQ02,INITRTN=AGMQSSIN where MQ02 is a subsystem name not already in use.
      Note: The D SSI console command lists subsystem names already being used.
    2. Update your Base's AGMAPARM DD dataset member to specify AGMQSUBSYSTEM=MQ02 instead of the default value AGMQ.
    3. Recycle the Base to pick up the new parm.
      Note: When the system gets IPL'd, you'll need to remember to go back to the AGMQPARM DD dataset and change AGMQSUBSYSTEM= back to AGMQ.

Z APM Connect Base is having other errors

Solution: Review Z APM Connect Base Operator commands and issue correct commands to control Z APM Connect Base.