z/OS system requirements

Verify that your z/OS® system meets the requirements for running Z Common Data Provider. You must run the Z Common Data Provider in each z/OS logical partition (LPAR) from which you want to gather z/OS operational data.

These requirements apply to the z/OS system where you are running the Z Common Data Provider Data Streamer, and System Data Engine.

Basic requirements

Z Common Data Provider Version 5.1 ships as a component (FMID HHBO510) of IBM Z® APM Connect. Z Common Data Provider must be run with the following software:
  • IBM z/OS V2.3, or later (product number 5655-zOS)
  • The following Java™ library:
    • IBM® 64-bit SDK for z/OS Java Technology Edition V8 or higher (product number 5655-DGH)
    Important considerations:
    • Use the latest available service release of the version of IBM SDK for z/OS, Java Technology Edition, that you choose, and apply fix packs as soon as possible after they are released. To find the latest service release or fix pack, see IBM Java Standard Edition Products on z/OS.