Tracking CICS to MQ to CICS transaction flows

This feature allows for continued tracking of CICS transactions with MQ as an intermediary. To use this feature, you need to edit the AGMSYSIN parameter data set to add the queue name that is used as the message passing queue between two CICS regions.

About this task

APAR OA62795 along with fix pack 1 allows for CICS to MQ to CICS transactions to be included in monitoring.


Complete the following steps to track MQ queues to downstream CICS regions.

  1. Add the following statement to the AGMSYSIN parameter data set of the CICS region where the MQPUT is being done:


  2. To pick up the changes to AGMSYSIN, use AGMU,STOP command followed by AGMU,START command. There is no need to recycle the CICS region.

    • MY_QUEUE is the name of the queue that needs to be tracked in the CICS region which issues the MQPUT call.
    • A maximum of 170 queues are allowed to track for a CICS region. However, only a maximum of 10 queues are allowed per CICS task.
    • You can use the modify command on the console to issue AGMU,FILTER=QUEUE,LIST command in a CICS TS region to display the queue names that were added.
    • Z APM Connect should be enabled in the downstream CICS region for this feature.
    • An MQ Monitoring Subsystem needs to be set up for this feature. For more information about the configuration, see Setting up the IBM Z APM Connect IBM MQ monitoring agent subsystem.