Optional IMS MQ Bridge Configuration

To track IMS MQ transactions, Z APM Connect IMS Data Producer requires a tracking token to be passed in a MQRFH2 header. The MQRFH2 Version 2 is an extensible header, it can carry additional information that is not directly associated with JMS.

About this task

MQRFH2 is added to IMS OTMA User Data Area by IMS and is used by Z APM Connect IMS Data Producer to link and report IMS MQ Bridge transaction activity. Two configuration option settings need to be used, which are
  • Application: Targetclient=0 or JMS
  • LocalQueue: Propctl=Compat (default).

The message with the RHF2 header is propagated to the IMS Open Transaction Manager Access (OTMA) via the MQ-IMS bridge client.

The Instana agent adds a tracking token (Instana header) to the message in order to track transactions across IBM MQ. IBM MQ only passes metadata on a message by adding a property to the message. This creates the RHF2 header. This property needs to be propagated to the host so that Z APM Connect can properly stitch events together.

Original message flow support


  1. During the application configuration, set the targetClient property of the MQ queue destination to 0 or JMS.
  2. Set the Local Queue attribute to the default setting (Compat is the default option).