Data Streamer does not start

Message HBO6001I, which indicates that the Data Streamer started successfully, is not present in the Z Common Data Provider log files, which means that the Data Streamer did not start.


The cause might be one of the following problems:
  • The Data Streamer is not connected to its specified port.
  • An error occurred in reading or loading the policy file.


To determine the cause, review the log files for error messages, such as the following messages, for example:
  • HBO6004E
  • HBO6005E
  • HBO6006E

Verify that the Data Streamer port is not closed or in use. To run the Data Streamer on a different port, change the port number. For more information about this port, see Data Streamer port definition.

Verify that the policy file is valid and correctly formatted. For more information about the policy-related files, see the following information: