Updating a policy

From the Common Data Provider tab in the Z Common Data Provider Configuration Tool, you can update a policy, which can include editing, renaming, duplicating, or deleting the policy.


Complete one or more of the following steps, depending on what you want to do:

  • To edit a policy, click the box that has the policy name, make changes in the resulting Policy Profile Edit window, and click Save to save your changes.
  • To rename a policy, click the Rename icon Rename icon on the box for the policy.
  • To duplicate a policy, click the Duplicate icon Duplicate icon on the box for the policy.
  • To delete a policy, click the Delete icon Delete icon on the box for the policy.
    Tip: Output from the Configuration Tool describes the files that the Configuration Tool creates for each policy that you save. For recovery purposes, when you delete a policy, the file extension .hidden is appended as a suffix to the standard file extension of all the associated policy files. To recover a deleted policy, rename each of the associated policy files to remove .hidden from the file extension.