HBO5018A The System Data Engine found the vector table, but because the extended common service area field is null, it cannot find the ECSA pointer to gather data.


An internal error prevented the System Data Engine from accessing the extended common service area (ECSA) storage. The ECSA is accessed when the SDE is configured to collect data from the SMF user exit. This error prevents the SDE from collecting SMF data written to the high virtual storage by the user exit. SMF data written to SYS1.MANx is unaffected.

The SMF user exit must be installed and active before the SDE can process the data from it.


Verify that the SMF user exit HBOSMFEX is installed and active on the system where the SDE is running. Check the active SMFPRMxx in SYS1.PARMLIB to confirm that SMF data collection is active and that the user exit is defined. At least one SMF record type must be written to high virtual storage area to complete exit initialization. If the issue persists, contact IBM® Software Support.